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Binning by Week - want weekending date instead of integer

Caitlin Wrobel

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Try this. First, instead of a Line Chart, set this up as a Scatter Plot, using the Line Connection option, ordered by your Date column, using the "First" aggregation method.


Next, create a new column in your data table with an expression like:


case DayOfWeek([YourDate]) when 0 then [YourDate] end


This will create a column that is populated with the week-ending date you specify, the rest of the fields will be blank. The DayOfWeek() function returns a number, from 0 (Sunday) to 6 (Saturday), so substitute the number that makes sense with your data.


Then for the Labels in your Scatter Plot, select this column, again using the "First" aggregation method, and you should just get labels for the dates calculated in the column.

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