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Catch new values from 2 months of difference

Hesloan Viana

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Hey all, here is the problem:

I need to find protocols that are new in a month basead on data from the last month.


Protocol ABC come to my base in march. He is not in my base for february.


Is there a way so I can catch all protocols that are not in the last month in my base

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If your data is in a relational data base I would rather use data base tools (e.g. execute a procedure to flag new protocols).

To do it in Spotfire, you can create asecond data table with only records from the previous month, create a relation between the two datatables based on theprotocol,subject or whatever ID you have there, In the filter panel use "Exclude filtered out rows" on the original data table, and filter out all data on the second data table.


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