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Reloading linked data

Samuel Stidham

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I just downloaded the latest version of Spotfire and I'm no longer able to reload linked data by individual datasets.

Some of mydata lives in dated subdirectories, so I need to be able to manually set a couple of those to the dated subdirectories when I refresh.

Is there some option that I need to turn on to be able to refresh these manually


Any reason why the tabs for the different visualizations are now on the bottom rather than the top. Looks more confusing that way.

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Can you try to edit the source from the Data Canvas, please check the below link




You can also Refresh Manually via the Data>>Data Table Properties>>Reload Data. I think the option is disabled as the Source files may be missing.


The Tab's at the bottom are part of the new version. I am afraid there is no way to move the Tabs to the top anymore

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