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Load local images from URL on Web Player

Luke George 2

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I have a dashboard that loads local images into tables and tooltips using "Image from URL"and "file://"instead of "http://". In Tools > Administration Manager > Preferences > Everyone > Application > ApplicationPreferences, Allow Additional File Extensions is set to "True". This works perfectly in spotfire desktop, but when I open the dashboard in web player it says "The value could not be rendered". Is there a way to load images stored locally in web player
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Hi there,

You will need to make sure where the images are stored in a path that is allowed by your web player configuration if you are not using URLs. By default the web player can't access local paths (for security), so you need to add any paths of files/data etc. in your web config XML. There are instructions on how to do this in the Spotfire server manual or see some details on this here:


Hope this helps


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