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Report folders (QA,CUAT & PROD) is not available in Spotfire latest version.

Sridharan Soundararajan

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1. Earlier version of Tibco Spotfire we were able to create different folders as QA, CUAT and PROD. But now in the latest versions we were unable to create any folders and it is by default have only common folder which either we can name it as QA or CUAT or PROD. This is creating confusion and it is considered as against the policy as we should be having 3 different environments QA, CUAT and PROD separately connected to its respective DBs and reports. Can you please suggest on the same quickly as this is impacting the business heavily now


2. We wanted to connect to My SQL DB from LINUX server which we dont find any option to connect to My SQL DB while configuring. Please let us know how to get this done.


As our contract renewal is nearing in next few quarters, this will have a high impact if we didnt get this done quickly.

Requesting your help here to get this above 2 things sorted out plse.

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