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How to count categories that satisfy a predicate

Antoine Doeraene

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I'd like to write a custom expression to insert in a Calculated value within a text area or a graphical table that, in a nutshell, counts the number of categories that satisfy some aggregation critera.

For example, imagine that I have a table with two columns: Category (of type String)and Value (of type Double). I would like a formula that computes the number of categories for which, for example, the number of different categories for which they average is bigger than, say, 0.



If the data set is

Category Value

A 3

B -1

A -1

B 0.5


Then the number I want to have is 1, since B has average -0.25 while A has average 1.

How could I do that


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Indeed, that works to know whether each category satisfy what I want.But now, how do I do to count how many satisfy this In a Calculated Value of a text area, I would like to do

Sum(If(Avg([Value]) over [Category] > 0, 1, 0))but that is apparently not correct.Or is it a way to apply custom expressions on the results of a graphical table That would be awesome...

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There is no grand total option in graphical table so you cant count it. You need to use Cross Table to archieve what you trying to do. Same steps. In cross table > properties > Grand total > under Calculate totals, select As the sum of cell values.


If you want to show the sum total in a text area then you have to create a calculated column first. Then use the calculated value under Insert Dynamic Item in text area to sum the values in the calculated column.

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