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Plotting Start/Stop Events On a Continuous Scale

James Kerr

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Hi all,

I have a number of events that start on a certain day and end some time later (that can overlap). I would like to be able to plot the number of events currently active on each day. I have attached an excel file of an example with 6 events, starting and ending in January.

The end result would be something like this:

Date: Number of active events

1/1/19: 1

2/1/19: 1

3/1/19: 0



I tried an unpivot transformation first and then matching with a new list of every single date (i.e.1st to31st of Jan) that I manually created in Excel.I could then create a new calculated column to check if each event was activeaggregate those columns to produce the resultI am looking for over a small sample size. However, this needs to be scalable for a large number of events, so creating a calculatedcolumn manually for each event won't work.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Gaia,


Thanks, that is helpful. What I would ideally like to do is generate a table such as this:


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This would let me understand using details on demand, what items are active each day.


Is it possible to generate this using transformations and calculated columns



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