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Web Player error after migrating Spotfire

Natsuki Nakagawa

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After migrating data of Spotfire Server, I installed Node Manager and added Automation Services and Web Player instances.

However, both instances have a status of "failed".The detail message is "Status notified as STOPPED Attempt to communicate with service was unsuccessful."

Please let me know the solution.


I'm using

Spotfire 7.10

Windows Server

Oracle DB

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This is a very generic messgae which says that the node manager services where not able to communicate with the Spofire server. Please check the nm.log file and see what error you find there. Also, is your node manager up and only the services are offlineor the node manager itself is in offline status

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Thank you for your advice.


Only the services are offline..


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Please check the nm.log file under the node manager logs directory and see what error is captured there. The error in the log file will give a clearer picture. There could be many possible reasons causing this, which ultimately causes a communication problem between the Node Manager service and the server.
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