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NTLM Authentication Setup

Chun Seong Low

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I would like to ask something on NTLM authentication setup. I have done this setup some 4 years back, and couldnt recall the details. I knew it required to setup a computer service account and for now, I have this account, let;s say 'spotfire-svc$@abc.com'. Now, we are slowly moving out of this domain 'abc.com', to new domain. I'm not sure if I should create a new computer service account on new domain And where is'spotfire-svc$@abc.com' existDoes actually exist in the active directory


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Hello Chun,


Yes, a new service account must be created in the new domain and the same account should be used for your NTLM setup. Please make sure to update the service account name in your configuration, either through configuration tool or through the comannd line.

You can update the service account name from configuration tool bygoing to the following location.




This will open up the configiration tool for you after prompting for tool password. Then, go to "Configuration==>Authentication:NTLM" and update the "Service account name" field here.

Your'spotfire-svc$@abc.com' service account will be loacted in the abc.com domain Active directory.

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