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How can I change Spotfire Analyst Client's log path

ShihMin Huang

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I'd like to open debug mode log to check why the spotfire client crash in detail.

So I changed the C:Program Files

TIBCOSpotfirex.xModulesSpotfire DXP Forms_ Spotfire.Dxp.Main.dll.config, and I can see the spotfire.dxp.log in the"TIBCOSpotfirex.x"folder.

If I want to change"TIBCOSpotfirex.x" to C:UsersExampleUserTIBCOSpotfirex.x", which configuration file I also need to change



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If you want to change the log file path for the client,


Open client

open Help/Support Diagnostics and Logging,

Select tab Logging

Set the logging level wanted

Click on Open Folder

Go one step up and into Settings folder

Copy the fileSpotfire.Dxp.Gen.log4net.config.DO.NOT.EDIT tolog4net.configin the same folder

Edit log4net.config

Make the changes required (change the paths)

Save the file

Restart the client

The fileC:Users\AppDataLocalTIBCOSpotfire\Settingslog4net.config can then be distributed to clients.

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