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a script to identify columns/datasets being used by different visualization(s)/calculations in a DXP file

gopal rajagopal

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Hi All

I am a spotfire 'newbie'.

I am working with a 'big'DXP file with multiple pages and multiple visuallizations within a page/text boxes etc..

This DXP was developed by a vendor and unfortunately has limited documentation.

It is using 13 datasets with dozens of columns in each dataset. It seems that the columns that are actually being used for visualization(s)/calculation(s) are

much smaller subset set of columns. So to reduce I/O and the maintenance burden, I have been manuallygoing over each page/visualization/test box etc.

to identify the specific tables and data columns being used.

I am hoping to locate an IP script (or for help writing such as script) which identifies specific columns/dataset used

anywhere with the DXP (for e.g. calculations, visualizations etc.)

If such as script is availble, kindy share the code or give me hint(s) about how to do it. I am having trouble relating to the API in context.

Thank you in anticipation


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