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How to automate import new tables to spotfire automatically

vel murugan

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Currently, we are pulling tables from smartsheet to Spotfire and performedsome analysis,

In smartsheet on a daily basis new tables will be added, so every time we have to pull thenew tables from smart sheet into Spotfire.

Is there any way to automate these activities without opening the dashboard

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You can create custom code in C# to automate this task or create UIPath Bot to automate it.

Spotfiredoes not have functionality of importing new tab data automatically by continuously monitoring the smartsheet. It is even not possible if it would have been database instead of smartsheet i.e. if any table gets added in database, spotfire would not know which table got added in database and so it cannotimport it automatically in dxp.

You can raise an enhancement request on ideas portal explaining the use-case:


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