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Use drop-down list to convert column from Lb to Kg

Dominique Feteau

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What I'd like to do is use a drop-down list that consists of two values, kg or lb, and when one is selected, have it run a calculation to convert a column (or multiple columns) from one to the other. The column is now in pounds. If the drop down is at "lb", then do nothing and use the value as-is. If it changes to "kg", then multiply each value in the column by 0.45359237.

It sounds easy in my head but I'm sure that it isn't. Any help would be appreciated.

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Maybe an easier way to do this would be to create Action controls instead of a drop down list. Add a new column in your data table that contains the converted value, then create two bookmarks, one that shows the lb value and one that shows the kg value. Next, create two Action controls, one for lb and one for kg, and have the action be the corresponding bookmark. Then you can click on one control to show the lb column, then click on the other control to show the kg column.
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Thanks Shandilya


I took your idea and came up with this within the visualization I was working on.  I had a function that I created in another report and just brought it over here.


WHEN DocumentProperty("MassConversion")="kilograms" then cnv_LBtoKG(Sum([WEIGHT_LB]))



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