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Dustan Brown

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Hey all,


I have been leading an effort to get Spotfire on several of my co-workers computers to collaborate on some visualizations. For the most part things have been easy, but there is a recurring issue I've seen. Clicking of the Spotfire app in the start menu opens the dialog and a browser window to do the authentication as normal, but instead of authorizing, the page constantly refreshes. I have checked the server path and everything look ok there. A similar situation occours when someone is attempting to view a .dxp saved to a server if the account does not have access to the Spotfire web player. Is the web player required to even login to the desktop version

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1) On Premise version. (7.11)


2) They have a licence to 7.11 as well.


3) The issue is limited to a single user at the moment.  I have run across several other issues trying to bring the team up to strength with login and installation problems, but this is currently isolated to a single user.  


Thanks for replying, I know my information is vauge, I do not have admin rights for the program and am learning while teaching others.  Is there any spefific bits of information I could provide which would help  



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