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URGENT : Need help in installing Spotfire Server/Client in GCP(Google Cloud Platform)


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Hi All,

Need an urgent help, Our company is migrating to GCP(Google Cloud Platform) where we need to install Spotfire X client and server.

As I am not part of Administratrion, I am very much confused how to do it, so kindly help me and also let me know if GCP supports Spotfire or not

Also we would be having control to whole Admin work, let me know how/where to learn Spotfire Admin works


Thanks in advance. Please help....

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Hello HS,

If you are using Google Cloud Platform's Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) that is running a Windows Server or Linux OS supported by Spotfire, with mandatory system requirements, you should be good. Please check the link below for the system requirements for Spotfire X server.





System requirements for Spotfire X Analyst Client.




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Hey Prasad, 


Thank you so much. 


That is really helpful. 


I have one more query - We would be moving our all reports from azure to GCP. Any tips/list how to do that and what to keep on mind(checklist) 


PS : we already have Spotfire X installed in GCP, just we have to move all our exisiting reports from Azure to GCP.


Thanks in advance. 









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