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Line Chart draws in wrong x-axis order.

Chris Dorger

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I am using Line Chart to create a trellis plot of data for a subject in a study. For some reason, it draws 2 of the 3 plots in the correctorder of visit. The last plot is drawn in some haphazard order. Why is this The data is sorted in the same way for all subjects. See the image of the data and the resulting plot. How can I fix it
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Thanks, Colin,


but Line Connection is under Scatter Plot not Line Chart.  Line Chart has "Line By".  When I use that to "Show one line for each Visit" I get no line connecting the points.  If is use it to "Show one line per subject", it does not draw the points in the correct order.  I think I am going to abandon Line Chart for this purpose.  Scatter Plot creates the correct plot.



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