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Walkthrough Setting up Python Data Function for TIBCO Spotfire

Nikhila Vembu 2

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Hope you're having a great day. I was wondering if somebody familiar with setting up the Python Data Function for TIBCO Spotfire could possibly call me and walk me through how to set it up. I have tried to set it up time and time again, but perhaps I am reading the instructions incorrectly or don't have the correct packages installed in the correct places. Please let me know if this would be a possibility, since it would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much.

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This article contains necessary instructions for python data function setup.


Once the .spk files are uploaded to deployment area on spotfire server admin UI, you will need to save deployment area.

After saving, open Analyst, it will prompt for installing new packages. Once those packages are installed, you login to Analyst and in Data function properties, while registering new data function there will be option for Python executor engine.

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