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Spotfire to PDF Export

Shubh M

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I am newbie to Spotfire, and learning about APIs related to Spotfire. I know there is IronPython Script available on many forums for spotifre export to PDF. But I am seeing some gaps/missing properties in the related class.

For Example:

I want to export with

Proportions = 'Fit to Page', with relative text size of '65%'

Margins = 'Narrow'

Image Quality = 'Excellent (300dpi)'

Attached screenshot for clear understanding of the above.

But the above parameteres/properties are not available with API class. Please let me know if there is anyway I can achieve the above parameteres while exporting to PDF.


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For "Fit to Page", you can use the UseEntirePage property - https://docs.tibco.com/pub/doc_remote/sfire-analyst/7.11.0/TIB_sfire-ana...

Only the properties available in the PdfExportSettings are availble using the API https://docs.tibco.com/pub/doc_remote/sfire-analyst/7.11.0/TIB_sfire-ana...

And starting with 7.12, you can create a prepared report in Analyst as needed and then use the Document.TryGetReport() to get that report and export it to PDF


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Adding to Shandilya's answer, below are the steps to save the report as prepared.

- Open the report in Spotfire Analyst - Select "File > Export > To PDF.." from the main menu

- Select "Prepared Report" on the left hand side and click "New", as shown in the attached "screenshot 2.JPG" file

- Give a name in the dialog's "Title" section as shown in the attached "screenshot 3.JPG" file, then click "Save"

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