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Spotfire v7.11 Load on Demand - Not Refreshing

Christopher Cha

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I have Googled this topic several times and I cant seem to find an answer. If there is anyone who can help shed some light on this, it would be greatly apprecitated.

I am working with a large database that can take over 8 minutes to load. In order to combat this, I am using the "Load on Demand" feature to just grab the most recent that data that I am interested in. This helps out significantly, but when I would like to refresh the data to capture the newest information the program shows the "spinning" update icon, it disappears, and there is no new information added to my analysis. Perhaps I am using the features wrong, but I can't seem to find better instructions to limit the download data, but still be able to refresh and capture the newest data.


Thank you in advanced

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In your load on demand settings, make sure you have "Load automatically" checked and make sure "Allow caching" is not checked. You may have to expand your On-Demand Settings dialog to see these options at the bottom. Hopefully that is the issue! Otherwise it could take more troubleshooting to figure out if it is a problem with the database side of things. You are not getting any notification errors or warnings
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