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Creating columns using TERR Please HELP!!!

Emmanuel Criner

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I am trying to create a data function that allows me to take the spacial data from one table (Table A), and overlay the spatial points from table A onto a shapefile (Shapefile X) the creating a new column in Table A that has the name of the shape in shapefile X that each point falls into. I tried wring a data function using R but I am missing a couple of things but not sure what they are. Can someone please show me how to fix this data function.








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Hi acriner,

I believe what you are trying to do is take points from one layer and categorize them by the polygons they are fenced in by in another layer If so, we have a free data function on the TIBCO Exchange that does this for you:https://community.spotfire.com/modules/points-polygons-data-function-tibco-spotfire

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