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Script a data function's input handler to none

Andrew Korinda

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I have a series of data functions that are executed in order by a Python script. I use the code below to set the inputs dynamically. For speed I sometimes want set the input handler to "none." Is this possible

I couldn't find anything about the data function parameter input handler in any posted examples or documentation including the API.




for df in Document.Data.DataFunctions:

if df.Name == funcName:

for x in range(len(inList)):

for inputs in df.DataFunctionDefinition.InputParameters:

if inputs.DisplayName == inList[x][0]:

df.Inputs.SetInput(inputs, inList[x][1])

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Unfortunately, you cannot change the input handler for data function from API. Only Input values can be set for defined input parameters/handlers. You can try passing empty value to the defined input i.e. ' ' but I am not sure if that would work because you have already defined say "Column/Table" for the input parameter and if you pass empty value it may error out with message "missing column/table".
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