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Issue with pasting Excel cells to Statistica

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If I copy-paste cells containing numeric data to TIBCO Statistica 13.5 from MS Office 365 Excel, the result is a set of empty cells. (I use Windows 7).

As a workaround, Paste special as Excel 97 works for simple numbers ('123'), but numbers with thousand separator ('12 345') are treated as text.

Anyone else experienced this

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Hello mcarson, thank you for your reply.


To reproduce the problem on an Excel sheet filled with numbers:


If I copy cells (A1:C3), I can paste them succesfully anywhere into a spreadsheet


If I copy cells (B2:D4) or (C3:E5) , only part of them appears when I paste them.


If I copy cells (D4:F6), nothing can be pasted.

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