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Colspan Not Working for in HTML

Kirsten Gustafson 2

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I am trying to create a simple table in a Text Area, using HTML. The desired table structure is something like this, and this is what I have tried to code up in HTML.


Row 1 has four columns

Row 2 has four columns

Row 3 has two columns (the first one only spans one column; the second one spans 3)


But here is what it looks like in the Text Area:


What am I doing wrong I have outdated HTML/CSS experience from 10+ years ago, but this is my first time attempting anything like this in Spotfire. Any help or alternative solutions areappreciated! :) Thanks in advance!

Here is the code:



Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4



Row 1

Row 1

Row 1

Row 1



Row 2

Row 2

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