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Link not opening file.

Manoj Chaurasia

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I have a series of columns with files meta data information in a data table. These columns store information about the server, sharefolder, sub-directory and file name for specific file location. I create a calculated column where I concatenate all the information and ceate a link to the file. I display this calculated column on a table chart and have the table render it as a live link. the idea is that clients can click on the link and open the files. Now, I click on the link from Spotfire and the file does not open. However, if I copy the link and paste it in Windows Explorer, then the file comes right up. So, that tells me it is not a permission issue with my user.

What else can I look for thanks!

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Hello Luis,


Are your customers using the web player or the desktop client


You can treat the file location as hyperlinks. Make sure you are using the "file://" protocol in your url instead of "http://" Test your link in a web browser and then use it in your visualization.


For example, if you have a network drive you normally access in Windows Explorer like: "\yourcompany.comamericassharedfile.xls" then your column should read "yourcompany.comamericassharedfile.xls"


To create a link in your table chart, open the visualization properties, go to Columns and set the Renderer as "Link" and use the following settings for the selected column:




This will render like file://yourcompany.comamericassharedfile.xls


On the other hand, If you are pointing to a mapped network or local drive, for example "z:sharedfile.xls, then use "file:///{$}" where {$} is your "z:sharedfile.xls" so your link should be rendered as "file:///z:sharedfile.xls"


Good luck!



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