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Drill Down within same visualization

Keval Shah

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I was wondering if there is a way to drill down within same Visualization.

Say, I have a Visualization which is a bar/line chart with "years" on X-Axis. If i click on a particular year, the same same visualization should be able to display the line/bar chart of "months" of that selected year. Again if we select any particular month, the visualization should be able to show the "date" line/bar chart based on the selected Year - Month.

This is a demo in Tableau, and would like to create the same in Spotfire


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This uses different visualizations. I am looking to implement within a single visualization.


In the youtube example you provided above, if we click any continent from the bar chart, a line chart will be generated which displays the data we selected from the bar chart. So, basically we can see 2 visualizations .ie bar chart and line chart.


I am looking for a siuation where we can drill into the same visualization. So, lets say we click a continent from the bar chart. After clickng, that bar chart should be replaced by line chart with data based on the continent we selected.


So, basically its only one visualization that keeps on updating 

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