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How to embed the data in the Analysis DXP file

Georgi Koemdzhiev

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Hello! I am trying to figure out how to embed the data to the DXP file when the user downloads the DXP file by going to the Web Player and presses File -> Download as DXP File option.


Currently, when the user downloads the file locally and opens it, they get prompted for the "Data Connection" credentials:


I am assuming that is because our data is accessed via database and it is not embedded into the DXP file itself. I have 2 questions:


How to make it so that the data is embedded into the DXP file so the user doesn't have to log in using the "Data Connection" credentials

Is it possible to only embed that data when the user downloads the DXP file using theFile -> Download as DXP File option

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When downloading the DXp file, there is no option to change the datatable save settings. In this case, the analysis file should be stored with embedded data or you can embed the data source credentials to the analysis so that it will not prompt the user when they open the downloaded analysis.

Below are some relavent documentation,



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