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Represent Hex data to Integer

Manoj Chaurasia

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I'm trying to create a calculated column with integer values from hex.


Step 1. Create a calculated column from a long string only representing hex values.

Code: concatenate("0x",Mid([sequence sheet],218,2))

Hexarray = [0x0, 0x1, 0x2 ... 0xA, 0xB, 0xC]


Step 2. Convert to integer to represent the data in a sorted manner

Code; integer([Hexarray])

Returns empty


I have tested the following which works:

1. integer(0xF) = 15

2. integer(string(0xF)) ) = 15


But this doesn't

3. integer(concatenate("0x","F")) = empty


Can someone explain to me why 2 works but not 3


Thanks in advance


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Hi Michel,


I expressed myself badly. When I wrote return a string, is one string with no number characters (in that case, the "x"), so the result is an error and spotfire treat as an empty value.


I agree with you, a tool like spotfire needs to convert a string in hex.


I think you can use the IronPython to do that. Can you give me more details for the use of the cast (string to hex)





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Hi Jorge


When I realized that it couldn't be done I just opened the file in excel and created a new column which was equal to what I wanted to do in Spotfire (=HEX2DEC(TRIM(MID(K2;218;2)))).


It's not optimal but it works for my needs.


Using ironpython was new to me, it looks intresting and easy enough. I might look into it more in the future. Thanks for the tip.




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Great!! this action!!

Function Dec2hex works.

But back not, numbers are copied, chars are ignored.

I hope that this example is clear...

In excell I started with a number, then dec2hex then hex2dec then in SF dec2hex and dec2hex


16 10 16 10 10

29 1D 29 1D

64 40 64 40 40

123 7B 123 7B

I used:


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