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Web Statistica not working. All jobs are queued and nothing happens on offloading. Is there a fix to this

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After deploying a workspace to enterprise, I am trying to offload a workspace. However, the workspace is queued and nothing happends even after waiting for a few hours. The statistica server (WebStatistica) is also non-responsive and doesn't respond when I click any option on the menu. There is no sort of error thrown to indicate why this is happening and this issue has proved to me a major blocker. Is there a way to fix this
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These type of questions are best handled by our support team. Can youplease log a support case viaTibco support portal(you'll need to login),if you don't have active support maintenance please let us know as well and confirm if you are still having the issue you described.

Heleen Snelting

TIBCO Data Science

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