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Unique count and limit minimum range in barchart

leonardo streit

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Hi guys, ill apreciate if anybody can help me.


A have a barchart like the index where Value axis is customers IDs and the category axis is multiple kinds of products.


Im strugling with two issues:


1- The unique count on value is a ID, and i need to unique count only the IDs that has minimum 100 ocurrences of products (just to clean the chart of ocurrences that is too low), and i dont want to use the zoom in tool.


2- Another thing is that I dont know how to convert unique count ocurrence of the ID in percentage of total ocurrences.


thanks in advance!


Ps. my englysh is a work in progress, please be nice.

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To only show bars with a count over 100 go to Properties>>Show/Hide Items. Add a Rule with 'Rule type' set to "Greater than" and 'Value' set to 100, and make sure that "When this rule is matched" is set to "Show items".


To get the percentages, go to Properties>>Value Axis, right click on Columns and select 'Custom Expression'. Enter the expression:


count() / Count() OVER (Intersect(All([Axis.X]),All([Axis.Color]))) as [Percentage]


to get a percentage for your bars.

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