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Why can't I see my dataset from my Team Studio workfile

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I have a Team Studio Workspace - from the Data tab in this workspace I can see number of data sets that I have associated with this workspace. There is one particular data set of interest ("data-x").

If I move to the Work Files tab within my workspace I can see several work files (I think these are also called workflows) One of these work files ("A") I created recently using the "Create New Workflow" link, and I associated it with data-x. When I open work file "A" I can see data-x.

I'd like to use data-x with another workfile/work flow ("B") that already exists in this workspace but from workspace "B" I cannot see data-x.


How do I enable workfile B to see and use data-x

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Hey Peter,

Are you sure you're tryingto associate a 'dataset' to your workfile In Team Studio you normally associate a given datasource (Hadoop cluster, DB, etc.) to a workfile/workflow and then from inside the workflow you are able to access any dataset on stored on the previously mentioned datasource.


In your case, I thinkyou want to associate adatasourcewith an already existing or created workfile. If so, then all you have to do is click/select the desired workflow you wish to assoicate the datasource with (so that you are brought to the overview page of the workflow where you have the option to 'Open Flow')

The 'Open Flow' button should be on a green banner, and next to it you should see the name of the datasource that is currently associated with the Workflow, anda small blue link that says, 'Change'. If you select change, you'll be given the option to add, delete, or alter datasources associated with that given workflow. Once this action is taken, then from within the workflow you can access any dataset stored on the datasource you associated.


Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Happy to help :-)




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