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I'm looking for a way to display multiple time period aggregates (weeks, months and YTD) on columns in a crosstab.

Diana Banas

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I have a request for a report with 12 different measures on rows and time periods on columns. The time perids consist of weeks, months and Year To Date. Is there a way in Spotfire to display these groupson columns





1 Wks Ago *

(WE mm/dd/yyyy)

2 Wks Ago

(WE mm/dd/yyyy)

3 Wks Ago

(WE mm/dd/yyyy)

4 Wks Ago

(WE mm/dd/yyyy)

1 Fiscal Month Ago


2 Fiscal Months Ago (MMM)

3 Fiscal Months Ago (MMM)

Current Fiscal Year (YYYY)*

Prior Fiscal YTD (YYYY YTD)



Measure 1












Measure 2












Measure 3

























I have relative indicator columns in my data that make it easy to identify the time periods (relative week, relative month and relative year where the current period = 0 and the priorperiod is 1, etc...) I'm having trouble with showing different aggregates of time on columns.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.They also would like only the 1st column the the current YTD color coded.



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If all the header weeks are present as values in one column then you can simply plot it in cross table. If your data is not organized in that format, then you can wrangle your dataset like through transformation or insert rows/columns etc. to have that format so you can plot it in cross table.
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