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Property control with search and mark

Manoj Chaurasia

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I want to create a text are with the following:


an input field that will act as a search

a property control (list box multi) that lists the contents of a column

a button with a script to limit the contents of that property based on the search

a button to mark the selected values from that property in the data


I can create most of this, but I'm stuck on being able to link the search input field to the property to limit the data.

I found this code online:

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import DataPropertyClass

import re


patternString = re.compile(pattern)


for tmpCol in Document.ActiveDataTableReference.Columns:

matchObj = patternString.search(tmpCol.Name)

if matchObj:





for tmpCol in Document.ActiveDataTableReference.Columns:

print tmpCol.Properties.GetProperty("IsIncluded")


#records = Document.Data.Properties.GetProperty(DataPropertyClass.Column, "IsIncluded").ValueBut it is selecting columns of data, not values from a column, how would I adjust the script

Thanks for the help.


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