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How to limit the data using data expression.

Aayush Gupta 3

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I created a spotfire report. Objective is to replicate an excel sheet with the spotfire one. There are some colomnns with study year like 2017,2018, 2019 ( see attachedfile).

I want to see the data for year 2018 and 2019 only but it is displaying the data from 2016, which is very vast and don;t want that.

Imported colomns are study day, study month & study year. I had make a calculated colomn of study perioed whose formuls is like this.

Date([study_year],[study_month],[study_day]) as [study_period].

So please guide me how to solve this issue.

I have attached the screenshot for the refernece.

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I don't understand how the attached screenshots relate to your question, or why you had to make the study period column. From what I understand you are asking, you can right click on your plot (or table or cross-table etc) then select Properties. From there choose the Data tab and scroll down until you see Limit data using expression. Click on Edit on its right and type the expression:

[study_year] > 2016

then click OK then Close. This will limit the data displayed to the years above 2016.


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