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Trying to install Spotfire Server on AWS with SQL Server Express

Connor Johnson 2

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I'm running a Windows EC2 on AWS, I've downloaded Spotfire Server using the edelivery.tibco.com tool, and I've installed SQL Server Express. I'm stuck configuring the bootstrap.xml file. Am I going down the wrong track There's a lot of stuff in the Spotfire download but no README, "installer.exe", or other super obvious place to start.


I needed to install MS SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on the EC2 in order to configure SQL Server Express. I don't remember all of the steps, but I needed to configure the "sa" user in SQL Server Express to use a username/password, instead of just Windows Authentication, which is the default. (This is a security vulnerability, so make sure your password is very strong.) I haven't gotten node manager up and running yet.

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