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What is easiest way to provide access to new colleague to selection of relevant workspaces in TIBCO Data Science - Team Studio

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This question is about collaboration features of Team Studio.

We are working as a team in with TIBCO Data Science Team Studio. I have a new colleague who I would like to provide access to the key workspaces we will need to collaborate on and that we use most frequently. How do I do this most efficiently Can you explain difference of doing this by using tags versus user profile or other ways Or point me to documentation where this is described


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Hey Heleen!

Great question. There are a couple of different ways to efficiently add colleagues to relevant workspaces in Team Studio.

If you want to add them to workspaces for which you update & change frequently, thenyou can take a look at the 'Most Active Workspaces' chart found on your enviornments' homepage. This will provide an 'Activity Metric' that gauges whichprojects have seen the most activity over the last few weeks.

An alternative method, as you've hinted towards, is to leverage Team Studio's 'tagging' feature. Tags are used to categorize, or or label workspaces or other items in Team Studio. When looking at your list of workspaces, you have the ability to filter by existing tags by clicking or selecting the specific tag you wish to drill down into. This can make the searching process much easier for relevant projects.

The last method I would suggest, is to look for projects that lack the role of your new colleague. If he/she is a project manager, then you might want to add them to any workspaces that don't have a PM. The project members and their respective roles can be seen by selectingan individual workspace and examining the member list on the right-hand side.

I would point you here for more information on tagging, here for an overview of Team Studio's search functions, and here for user-profile management.


Please feel free to reach out with any further questions! Happy to help :-)

Nico R.

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