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Setting zoom sliders of ScatterPlot

Renu D.N

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We are trying to visualize a Gantt Chart throughScatter Plot visulaization is Spotfire. But the users want to see data points that fall in future (i.e. after current day). Attached is the screenshot of the visualization.

Is there a way we can set the zoom slider value in X-axis to current day We do not wish to filter out the data from the visualization, only need to set the visualization view with the help of slider


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You can do it with an IronPython script. Maybe this reply can help you:


however, setting the view and filtering are kind-of the same thing, as long as it is seamless for the user to change the filter/view. Similar to what is suggested at the end of that link, it would be easier to set a document property from a user-selected drop-down and toggle between seeing all dates or only dates up to today, using Limit data using expression. Alternatively or in addition, for greater control, use a text area with a filter on the max date that the user can slide.


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