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Navigate from one dashboard to another dashboard using ironpython

Vedhika M

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Hi, I have created 5 different dashboards and each dashboard has the property control-drop down menu in text area. Now, I would like to navigate from one dashboard to anotherwhen i make selection from drop down. Could anyone pls help on how I can achieve this using iron python scripting If there is any other easiest way , pls suggest...
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You can use the Web Page panel to display the required dashboard url selected from the drop down using a python script -




Alternatively you could generate the report url at run time and add it as a hyperlink in the text area ,which can then be clicked by the user to open in a new browser tab

Here is how you can add a hyperlink to the text area-

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import HtmlTextArea

vis = ta.As[HtmlTextArea]()

vis.HtmlContent = "link1"


#Here the dashboard name can come from the document property

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