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Unable to save graph as PDF Statistica 13.3

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Hello all,

I am using Statistica 13.3 and I am unable to save graphs as a PDF. I have different results using different methods; e.g:

1. Using File>save as> selecting .PDF as the file type>Save: Thefile does not save anywhere.

2.Home>Save>Save as PDF > an error saying "The PDF functionality is installed but might not be fully functional until after a reboot"

I can assure you, I have rebooted multiple times since installation.


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Uninstall NovaPDF my workstation. NovaPDF.exe (PDF printer included with statistica 13.3)was missing from the installation directory. It had to be copiedfrom anotherstatistica instance and installed via command line.

Alternatively, install 3rd party PDF printer. This option did not solve the problem for my (original post) issue but it seemed to work for mercador.

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