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A Gentle Intro to using Spotfire API through Iron Python Scripts

gopal rajagopal

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HI Spotfire API 'gurus'

I am new to Spotfire and Iron Python. Iron Python is probably something I hope I can handle in the sense that it is another

'language' and has structure(s) such as loops, if - then structures etc.

However, I could really use sugestions, material (maybe a book, youtube videos) which go over the fundamentals of using Sportfire API.

Also is training focusing on this topic available in US/Europe .

I do have access to the URL for Spotfire API(s) but it does not seem to be adequate for me.

Thanking you in Anticipation



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As for getting started with python ,its good to get some basics of IronPython and then focus more on Spotfire examples and Spotfire API.Searching on google for tutorials on python will fetch lot of good resources.

Here is a good wiki article on getting started using python scripting in Spotfire-


Also lots of reference examples here-


You can also search for spotfire python examples and lots of blogs show up which have good example scripts.

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