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IPython buttons not active on web player

Austin Coleman

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Hello. I'm new to Spotfire. We're using Spotfire X Analyst and Web Player. In Analyst I've made a few buttons turning map layers on/off based on the IPython code snippet below:


from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import *

v = viz.As[VisualContent]()

for l in v.Layers:

if l.Title == Swedish:

if l.Enabled == True:

l.Enabled = False


l.Enabled = True

full code info at this link:https://datashoptalk.com/ironpython-in-spotfire-creating-a-button-to-toggle-a-map-layer-on-and-off/

After publishing to the library the buttons are "grayed out" in the web player. My user is added to the Sript Author group, so I thought that would make the scripts available.

Any suggestions on how to make these basic button available to the web player

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Was the user added to Script Author group before saving the file to library or after If it is after you might want to make any small change to script (like adding a comment), re-run the script and then save the analysis to library so that the scripts are trusted and saved. After this try to open the analysis in WebPlayer to verify
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