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Change visualization by filtering Data Tables

David Saenz

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I was investigating how can I put a filterto select my different Data tables and change my already created dashboard. Some posts mentioned that i could use python and i try a few options that i found without much success, any hint will be much appreciated, thanks


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You can add a Text Area visualization, where you can create a Property Control like DorpDown/Listbox to provide the user the option to choose a data table and then execute an IronPython script on change in user selection.

Attached is a sample analysis file and below is the document reference on how to execute a script on property change


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Great!, that indeed works, but it changes the way my dashboard was setup to the default option. I have some expressions on my axis in my bar char, a treemap by hierarchy that when i change the Data table it chane all of them, is there a way to maintain my current dashboard as is when i change the Data Table. Thank you very much again for your help
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In the script currently i'm using bchart.AutoConfigure() to configure the visualization. But if you want to preserve the changes, then you will have to assign the respective changes, like 


#and so on ...



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