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Configuration blocks for hiding /limiting items of a drop down to two group of users

Shilpa kale

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I have a Spotfire analytic with a drop down for Quantity and Value, I want to show both Quantity and Valueitems of the drop down for members of a particular 'mail group' and only Quantity option of the drop down for a particluar 'mail group'. Data is coming via direct connection to SAP BW database.

Please can someone suggest a soultion

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Create two filtering scheme, one will hold Quantity and Values, the other will hold only the Quantity. Then assign the (filtering 1 scheme) for one 'mail group' and (filtering 2) for another 'mail group'.

Edit > Document Properties > Filtering Schemes > New. etc

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Hello , thank you very much for your prompt response,


I created two filtering schemes , one with Qty and Value ,


then deleted the Value from the drop down in the text area and created another filtering scheme only with Qty, however looks like i will have to create a new tab to use both the filtering schemnes to work..Spotfire does not remember to keep the Value option intact once deleted to use in another filtering scheme, however I do not want to create a new tab.


Rephrasing the question - can i create a web player url using configuration block to limit the drop down not to show 'Value' option in it (making it invisible), i can then give this link to the other mail group then , any small help related to the syntax will really be appreciated ..i am fairly new to IronPython /scripting 


Thank you very much in advance.

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