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Statistica- How to apply changes made in one graph to other graphs created in same report

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Hi, As a part of my work I used to create many graphs in a single workspace. Then I used to change the font size of all the 'Custome title' in graphs. So currently I am going through each graph under 'Reporting documents' and changing the font size. But is there an easy way to apply the changes made in one graph to other graphs also Then I can copy the changes in my first graph to other graphs also in the report. So if anyone know it please reply. Thanks in advance
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Hello. Yes, there is a possibility to do so. Through Customize Outputs option.

1. Right click on some graphnode, choose option Customize Outputs.In dialog, you can define/record macros, which are changing properties of the graphs.

2. Choose one graph and press Record Customization Script, do changes in graph you want to record, close script.

3. You can assign script/macro to whole node (more graphs produced by one node) or to all graphs in reporting documents.

You might find useful following links to knowledge base articles:



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