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Row level security in Spotfire when using data from Sharepoint Online

Renu D.N

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We have been trying to create a dashboard in Spotfire 7.11 whose data source would be a SharePoint list. Is there a way we can implement row level restrictions to restrict the data based on the user who has logged in Suppose, below is teh sample data that is pulled from Sharepoint:

Date Department Budget1-Jan-19 HR 200001-Jan-19 Finance 300001-Jan-19 IT 400001-Feb-19 HR 250001-Feb-19 Finance 350001-Feb-19 IT 45000

If a user from HR department opens and refreshes the dashboard, then he should be able to see only the 2 rows that belong to HR department.

Please advice.


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Hi Renu

This can be achieved using another datatable which would have user access details, say Security table. Then you have to create a relationship between the security table and the sharepoint data. This security table should come from datatabse so that you can use "%CURRENT_USER% to get the logged in user.

If the database is not an option, then this can be achieved using the ironpython script.

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