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Can map search work with shapefile

Oswaldo Castillo

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Is it possible to change coordinate reference system or use some other method to point to map shapefile information enabling map search to work In our case we grouped US entities closer together and when we search on Anchorage Alaska for example it takes us to the now blank location of where default map has it located.
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Attached is a sample of how this might be done in the base Spotfire program, without custom scripting. Enter a state 2-letter abbreviation in the Text Area, then highlight it in the States table. Spotfire will zoom into that state in the map chart.


The Search functionality is always going to show the actual location of what you searched for, so when you have the modified USA shapefile it's going to be a problem.


You may need to re-work this to handle your actual shapefile data and search criteria, but it's a place to start. The Input Field Property Control creates a value in the 'Show' column in the States table ("No" values are filtered out), then highlighting that row zooms in on the map chart. The map chart must be a Details Visualization from the States table, and "Auto Zoom" must be checked under Properties/Appearance.

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