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mark column which has changed in a new row of the table

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Hello all,

I am working with a table where there are the following columns:ID, timestamp and differents features (A,B and C). Each row is an event of any ID (more than one event of each ID is expected). I am tryng to get marked with a different color the column which has changed for each event (row)with regards the last row of the same ID.

I have attached a image representing the table that I want to create.

Please could anyone help me on tihs

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Marking throughout the visualization can only be of same color. You can setup rules in coloraxis to show the changed value in comparison to previous row with expression like:

[Axis.Color]>First([Axis.Color]) OVER(Previous([RID]))


Where RID calculated column is RowID()


Current, showing records in red color where the Rank is higher than previous rank

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