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Change formatting of numbers in summary table

Spencer Alexander

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I have created a summary table from a scatter plot, by right-clicking the scatter plot, hovering over "create details visualization", and clicking "Summary table...". The summary table has exactly what I want, except that it is calculating averages, etc. from columns for which all of the values are on the order of 1E-9, but it displays the values in the format x.xx, so that all values read 0.00.

The simple solution seems like it would be to format the way numbers in the summary table are displayed, just as I do for this type of situation on the y-axis, but I cannot find an option to do this.

How can I change the way that numbers displayed in a summary table are formatted E.g., in this case, I want the formatting to be scientific notation with a single post-decimal digit:#.0E+0.

I am using Spotfire 10.0.0 HF-004.

Thanks for the help.

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