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Restricting Line Chart Based on Confidence Interval in Spotfire

Bala Ramakrishnan 2

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I want to put input confidence interval % thorugh a text box and I want my data and chart to filter based on the input. U95 and L95 are available by default but I want is if user is inputting 80% or 70%, confidence interval upper limit and lower limit have to be calculated and limit my data. So basically Z score has to be calculated. Right now I can only hardcode values it like for example Avg([Value]) - (1.96 * (StdDev([Value]) / Sqrt(Count()))) AS [Lower Limit 95% CI], Avg([Value]) + (1.96 * (StdDev([Value]) / Sqrt(Count()))) AS [upper Limit 95% CI]

What i want is based on input, (80%) means its corresponding z value has to be automatically calculated Is there a way I can do it.

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