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Filtering vertical lines from data table in scatter plot or line chart

Spencer Alexander

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I have two data tables, data_table_1 and data_table_2. data_table_1 has three columns of relevance: date_column_1, plot_column_1, and trellis_column_1. data_table_2 has two columns of relevance: date_column_2 and trellis_column_2. trellis_column_1 and trellis_column_2 have data from the same set of categories (names in this case.)

data_table_1 is used to populate a scatter plot. The x-axis corresponds to date_column_1, the y-axis to plot_column_1, and it is trellised and filtered by trellis_column_1.

data_table_2 is used to put vertical lines corresponding to dates of importance on the scatter plot. The vertical lines are populatedvia Properties -> Lines & Curves -> Add -> Vertical Line -> Line from data table ... , and from there the table data_table_2 and column date_column_2 are selected.


My questions:

When filtering/trellising the scatter plot by trellis_column_1, I want the vertical lines displayed to be filtered/trellised by the same values in trellis_column_2. How can I do this

Alternatively, how can I manually filter thevertical lines displayed Simply filtering the second data table by the values in trellis_column_2 does not affect whichvertical lines are displayed.


Note:I am using Tibco Spotfire Analyst 10.0.0 HF-004.


Thanks for the help.

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If you want the vertical lines to show values only whentrelis column 1 matches to trelis column 2 then you will need to setup data table relation between two tables based on trelis col 1 and trelis col 2. Then the vretical lines values will be seen accordingly related to each trelis value.
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