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How to Remove Spotfire Web Loading Time with Scheduled Update

Guilherme Batista

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If "New data when possible" means data will be stored in analysis. If the user does not have accessto the daa source, it will show the stored data. When the user has access to the data source, it will always load the data from the data source.


If you want to get the stored data loaded on the Web Player, you will need to select the data loading as "Stored data". But this will have the same old data everytime the user opens the file. If you want to get the data updated and cache it at regular interval so that the user can access the updated data, you will need to use the schedule update feature in the Spotfire Web Player. This will update the file after regular interval depending on how frequently the analysis file is updated and will then save a cached copy on the Web Player at regular interval. When the user accesses the file, it will open te latest updated cached data. You can do this by creatinga schedule update rule through the Spotfire Adminisrator UI.

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I've tested in and out the time frame and in both times there's a loading time, showing messages like the picture below (the text says "Readind SBDF data... 16MB imported" and "Inserting columns"). Is this wait time removable


The schedule range is only 3 hours because the information don't need to be update after 11:35.





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